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DIY: Make BBQ for this Summer

BBQ’s are what make summers fun. You get to through BBQ parties, friends and family come over, the temperature gets warmer, the skins gets darker and the life gets better. You can go for a cheap disposal BBQ that you can easily find at a supermarket but going for one would be like jeopardizing your gatherings and as far as I know, no one likes to end up in jokes. A perfect barbecue is the one that is big in size, is hot and features a height that allows you to comfortably grill with it. You can build this perfectly customize BBQ on your own using bricks, barrels or any other thing you can find in your backyard.

Brick BBQ

You can find a very helpful and easy to understand instructional tutorial on BBC’s gardener’s world. The tutorial takes you through all of the process revolving how to build a brick BBQ. Bricks can be found almost anywhere and if you’re allowed to pick them up then do that and pile them up in your front yard for the DIY. If you can’t find any then you can do that on Pre-loved or Gumtree where people are looking for other people to help them get rid of their piles of bricks. Once you have the bricks, lay them in the manner and height you want and build a perfect BBQ that you want. I know it’s funny that I didn’t explain the whole process but I’ve showed you the way. Follow the BBC tutorial, it covers all steps in details.

2- Oil Drum/Barrel BBQ

You can use an oil barrel for building this type of BBQ. If you don’t know then you can find one at some farm or near a construction site. Make sure you ask for the permission from the owner of the barrel before you bring it back home. If you can’t find any barrel at some farm or a nearby construction site or the owner doesn’t like giving his barrels away then you can get one for free from Gumtree who have a lot of free stuff UK and if you also fail to find one for free on Gumtree then you can buy one for £10 on eBay which is way less than purchasing a BBQ.
You can find a great tutorial at Indestructible on how to build an oil drum barrel BBQ on your own. Drum barrel BBQ is a lot complicated than building a brick BBQ as it requires having a knowhow of using some power tools.

3- Fire Pit BBQ

Fire pit BBQ is the easiest one of all to build. You just simply have to lay bricks in a circle of a square and then you build a charcoal fire in it. You throw a big grill on top of the circle and once the fire calms down and turns into smaller flames, you start cooking.

How to trick yourself into saving Money

Good money saving habits are like tricking your mind and staying focused on what you want to achieve rather than spending your savings for buying something that your heart desires at the moment, for example, an I-phone or a Smart T.V. It can be hard for even the most disciplined of a person when it comes to saving money, trying not to spend it, and staying focused on doing both of these jobs at once. Financial needs vary from person to person, but there are techniques that a person can use to stop himself from spending money on things that he doesn’t want or need at the moment. I’ve compiled a list of things a person can do to save money.

1- Setup an Automatic Savings Account
Setting up an automatic savings account and forgetting about it is a type of mental game that you play with yourself into not spending money. The thing that is very crucial for maintaining such account is a consistent income source that will automatically be transferred into your savings each month.

2- Don’t buy crap you don’t need
Be creative and come up with a list of things you don’t need in your life, things that you can live without but your mind trick you into thinking that you should have. Looking at the list will help you fight your urge from spending money on an unnecessary item that you would regret later. After a few weeks, you’ll notice a lot of items on this list and you’ll appreciate not buying them and the money that would be in your hands.

3- Look for deals online
If there’s a household item or a dress that you really need and can’t afford not to have then you should look it up on the internet for discounted rates or sale offers. There are a lot of household products that you can also find for free on the internet. There are thousands of freebie websites that giveaway sample and products for the sole purpose of marketing and product testing. That can be a lot of help for saving some money. It can be a genius way to save some bucks, a lot of them actually.

4- Open a high-interest online account
Opening an online account with high-interest rates and keep in check the amount you get from the bank on your savings as an interest can be a great source of motivation for saving money as well as giving your finances a little more push. You will get a sense of reassurance that you are actually being successful in saving money hence you will save more.

7 Best Summertime Activities for Kids

Does summer vacation excite you? Or does three whole months with your kids off school make you a little panicked? Parents, don’t worry, we’re all in this together. Just check out this wonderfully affordable activities list to keep your kids from going nuts.

1) Bowling Alleys, Here We Come!

Your family can now enjoy two free games (per kid, per day) at participating alleys when you register at This program allows local bowling centers the chance to help out kids in local communities by offering a safe, fun environment to play in.

2) Craft it! Craft it!

Do not fear those rainy summer days! Pinterest to the rescue! Keep the creative juices flow’in by following an endless amount of kid craft boards on Pinterest sure to quell any summertime blues. Start a “Creation Jar” by having the kids jot down their arts and crafts ideas on slips of paper. You’ll be prepared once that first raindrop hits the front lawn. Just grab a jar idea and start craft’in!

3) In Coupons We Trust!

Can you believe that you’ll STILL need to clean the house AND do the cooking even though it’s summer? Yuck!  Why not get your kids involved in couponing? They can search for coupons online or collect them from the local paper. Put your minions to work and save some precious time, all while teaching them the importance of hunting for bargains to save money.


Cheap summer movies can really help you escape that heat. Cinemark offers their Summer Movie Clubhouse; that’s 10 shows for $5 (with advanced purchased), or $1 per show (with ticket window purchase). Hey! Where’s the popcorn?!

5) Keeping it Local Makes Summer Easier

Your city’s local paper or website has tons of activities for various ages. There’s a multitude of fun things to do in your city’s parks and recreation program as well, that usually includes swimming, dance, and mini yoga. Or, hit up Groupon, Seize the Deal and Living Social for their daily deals, unique discounts, or pick up your city’s Entertainment Book.

6) Get Out and Eat

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? I’m hungry… Kids are ALWAYS hungry. So, check out this awesome “kids eat free” list that covers over 100 restaurants. Make sure to take advantage of these crazy summer deals.

7) Why Not Give Back to the Community?

Summer is an excellent time to give back to the community since the kids are home and can help out. Ask your local soup kitchen or place of worship if they need help. Or, perhaps you can spend some time at a senior center or nursing home. Go on over to to find a comprehensive list of age-appropriate opportunities for you and the kids.

Types of Festival Freebies that you can get

As the summer has finally arrived, the numbers of festivals that are happening are at their peaks throughout the nation. All of the summer festivals are joyous occasions but to make things more exciting, we have come up with festival freebies that you would love.

Diapers and Baby Wipes
If you’re a parent then you would already know how important it is to have baby wipes and diapers at hand during a festival. You also need them even if you’re not a parent because they would let you stay fresh during a festival where you can’t go for a shower. Summer and sweat, you connect the dots and order your free Huggies baby wipes now so your festival experience is enhanced.

Free Perfume Samples
Free perfume samples that come in small packaging are ideal for the festivals and traveling. You can keep one in your pocket and they can easily help you smell fresh throughout a week. You can order a free Dior sample right away that would arrive at your doors steps within 28 days. Act fast!

Free Portable Phone Charger
You can claim a free portable phone charger that would be a great gadget for the festival week, especially if you’re going away from home and it would be harder to commute to and from your hotel room. A lot of cellphone manufacturers and accessory suppliers are offering such portable chargers that can be easily be kept in the pocket.  All you have to do is send a text to the relevant supplier you’re already using the cellphone of and they would provide you with a code that you can use at their brand store to claim a free portable charger.

Free Supplements
Festivals are usually all about getting drunk and eating unhealthy junk but how about if you get some free vitamin supplements to accompany you through you week of partying. Choose from the variety of vitamin supplements that are offered by Thea Pharmaceuticals and order them now.

You can also order dry shampoo and Kleenex tissues which are the most haves of a festival week. And the best one of all the freebies are the Red Bull Topical Edition samples that you can get for free to keep your energy levels at their highest throughout the festivals. Get the best of out this summer and enjoy all the festival freebies that you can get, start ordering now.