7 Best Summertime Activities for Kids

Does summer vacation excite you? Or does three whole months with your kids off school make you a little panicked? Parents, don’t worry, we’re all in this together. Just check out this wonderfully affordable activities list to keep your kids from going nuts.

1) Bowling Alleys, Here We Come!

Your family can now enjoy two free games (per kid, per day) at participating alleys when you register at This program allows local bowling centers the chance to help out kids in local communities by offering a safe, fun environment to play in.

2) Craft it! Craft it!

Do not fear those rainy summer days! Pinterest to the rescue! Keep the creative juices flow’in by following an endless amount of kid craft boards on Pinterest sure to quell any summertime blues. Start a “Creation Jar” by having the kids jot down their arts and crafts ideas on slips of paper. You’ll be prepared once that first raindrop hits the front lawn. Just grab a jar idea and start craft’in!

3) In Coupons We Trust!

Can you believe that you’ll STILL need to clean the house AND do the cooking even though it’s summer? Yuck!  Why not get your kids involved in couponing? They can search for coupons online or collect them from the local paper. Put your minions to work and save some precious time, all while teaching them the importance of hunting for bargains to save money.


Cheap summer movies can really help you escape that heat. Cinemark offers their Summer Movie Clubhouse; that’s 10 shows for $5 (with advanced purchased), or $1 per show (with ticket window purchase). Hey! Where’s the popcorn?!

5) Keeping it Local Makes Summer Easier

Your city’s local paper or website has tons of activities for various ages. There’s a multitude of fun things to do in your city’s parks and recreation program as well, that usually includes swimming, dance, and mini yoga. Or, hit up Groupon, Seize the Deal and Living Social for their daily deals, unique discounts, or pick up your city’s Entertainment Book.

6) Get Out and Eat

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? I’m hungry… Kids are ALWAYS hungry. So, check out this awesome “kids eat free” list that covers over 100 restaurants. Make sure to take advantage of these crazy summer deals.

7) Why Not Give Back to the Community?

Summer is an excellent time to give back to the community since the kids are home and can help out. Ask your local soup kitchen or place of worship if they need help. Or, perhaps you can spend some time at a senior center or nursing home. Go on over to to find a comprehensive list of age-appropriate opportunities for you and the kids.