Money Saving

How to trick yourself into saving Money

Good money saving habits are like tricking your mind and staying focused on what you want to achieve rather than spending your savings for buying something that your heart desires at the moment, for example, an I-phone or a Smart T.V. It can be hard for even the most disciplined of a person when it comes to saving money, trying not to spend it, and staying focused on doing both of these jobs at once. Financial needs vary from person to person, but there are techniques that a person can use to stop himself from spending money on things that he doesn’t want or need at the moment. I’ve compiled a list of things a person can do to save money.

1- Setup an Automatic Savings Account
Setting up an automatic savings account and forgetting about it is a type of mental game that you play with yourself into not spending money. The thing that is very crucial for maintaining such account is a consistent income source that will automatically be transferred into your savings each month.

2- Don’t buy crap you don’t need
Be creative and come up with a list of things you don’t need in your life, things that you can live without but your mind trick you into thinking that you should have. Looking at the list will help you fight your urge from spending money on an unnecessary item that you would regret later. After a few weeks, you’ll notice a lot of items on this list and you’ll appreciate not buying them and the money that would be in your hands.

3- Look for deals online
If there’s a household item or a dress that you really need and can’t afford not to have then you should look it up on the internet for discounted rates or sale offers. There are a lot of household products that you can also find for free on the internet. There are thousands of freebie websites that giveaway sample and products for the sole purpose of marketing and product testing. That can be a lot of help for saving some money. It can be a genius way to save some bucks, a lot of them actually.

4- Open a high-interest online account
Opening an online account with high-interest rates and keep in check the amount you get from the bank on your savings as an interest can be a great source of motivation for saving money as well as giving your finances a little more push. You will get a sense of reassurance that you are actually being successful in saving money hence you will save more.